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Experimental Politics Lab

About Us

We are a social science research group using experimental methods to address questions about political attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. Our members have diverse substantive interests across several fields in political science. To learn more about our members, use the toolbar or click here.

We strongly believe that science thrives when it is collaborative and open. As much of our replication materials as possible will be made available on our GitHub page.

Current Research Projects

  • "We Need to Talk: Correcting Misinformation Through Political Discussions"
    • Patrick Kraft, Enes Ayasli, and Nasrin Haghighat Chaleshtari
  • "It's a Matter of Choice: Misinformation Correction under Selective Exposure"
    • Amanda Heideman, Taraleigh Davis, Jason Neumeyer, and Patrick Kraft
  • "Information Updating on Current Political Issues"
    • Nicholas Davis, Shin Young Park, Chan Song Kim, and Patrick Kraft

Our current research is made possible through a Research and Innovation Grant awarded to the Experimental Politics Lab by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Kraft et al. 2021. "Reliable Sources? Correcting Misinformation in Polarized Media Environments" American Politics Research.

Visit our research page for more information about our collaborative research, as well as recent work by our members.