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Experimental Politics Lab

About Us

We are a social science research group using experimental methods to address questions about political attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. Our members have diverse substantive interests across several fields in political science. To learn more about our members, use the toolbar or click here.

We strongly believe that science thrives when it is collaborative and open. As much of our replication materials as possible will be made available on our GitHub page.

Current Research

We are currently working on a project related to political attitudes, information, and immigration. This preregistered study examines how the impact of corrective information on beliefs and attitudes is moderated by media choice. In our survey experiment, participants are asked to read a news article published by Fox News or MSNBC, each highlighting the positive economic impact of legal immigration in the United States. While the news content is held constant across sources, our treatment manipulates whether participants are allowed to freely choose a media outlet or are randomly assigned to one of them. Our results illustrate how people’s media choice moderates the effectiveness of corrective information: While factual misperceptions are easily corrected regardless of how people gained access to the information, subsequent opinion change is conditional on people’s prior willingness to seek out alternative sources. As such, encouraging people to broaden their media diet may be more effective to combat misinformation than disseminating fact-checks alone. We presented this study as part of the 2020 Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology.

More updates on our research will be coming soon. Visit our research page for more information about our collaborative research, as well as recent work by our members.